Dharma Nature's Smelting Furnace

Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute Cultivates High Quality Talents Excelling in Both Doctrine and Realization for Dharma Dissemination


          The establishment of "Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute" symbolizes the world-wide dissemination of Jin-Gang-Dhyana teachings.   It implies the perpetual transmission of the essence of human civilization - Jin-Gang-Dhyana science.

          The founding of Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute signifies Chinese Tantric practitioners, through the persevering effort of numerous generations, have successfully promulgated from mainland China to the entire world and installed the necessary "hardware".

          This provides more ideal conditions to present Esoterically Esoteric Dharma Jin-Gang-Dhyana science of the Chinese Tantra classical academic system in a modernized, scientific, academic, specialized and generalized manner.

          The establishment of Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute also indicates that Esoterically Esoteric Dharma Jin-Gang-Dhyana science of the Chinese Tantra classical academic system has established a high level training institution for her own specialized talents.

          However, Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute differs from typical liberal arts or technical universities.  It also differs from universities of other Buddhist schools.

          Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute employs traditional Chinese Tantra esoterically esoteric logically harmonious doctrine on eternal life as the theoretical basis.  Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute applies Jin-Gang-Dhyana meditative practice - solid practice and immediate realization, and uses Jin-gang practitioner's own physical body as the laboratory of this science of life.

          Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute is the high level institution for training in the science of life, where Jin-Gang practitioners of Chinese Tantra Buddhism realize eternal life within this life-time.  They engage in the training to attain a high quality spiritual life-form.  The path is the practice to unleash the thirteen, with a view to unleashing unlimited, levels of consciousness.  The aim is to merge the current physical existence harmoniously with the Universe's eternal life Dharma nature.  Jin-Gang-Dhyana science uses formless sunyata nature beyond all trivialities, supreme special distinctive great perfection practice realization as the major faculty and the practical examination of the twelve characteristics of Dharma nature as the subject.

          In substance, Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute cultivates high quality talents who place emphasis on both theory and practice and who excel in both the doctrine and realization for path dissemination.  Jin-Gang-Dhyana science significantly contributes in improving the quality of human life.  It also plays an important role in contributing to the way by which mankind can direct himself and take control of the future.

          Jin-Gang-Dhyana Esoterically Esoteric school practises in the contaminated secular world.  The practice includes immeasurable equanimity, abandoning the appearance of the Sangha jewel form, relinquishing the temple to mix with the common and sacrificing oneself to deliver sentient beings.  For over a thousand years, bearing all hardships, it has moded the tradition of not falling into superficial trivialities but concentrating on true practice with immediate realization.  In the vast expanse of China, it has all along planted its roots among the people without assembling congregation or establishing monasteries, used esoteric groups, esoteric villages and esoteric households to disseminate the Grand Dharma.  Striving to preserve the transmission of the flame of correct Dharma, Buddha's supreme teachings, the sect has had to make countless sacrifices, stood up to adversities and gone through numerous difficult times.  Jin-Gang-Dhyana Esoterically Esoteric has outstandingly contributed to eliminating current sufferings and relieving eternal sufferings of sentient beings.  Now that Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute, established by Jin-Gang-Dhyana Incorporated, has inherited this humble, natural and fine tradition of practising in ordinary households.

Dharma Nature's Smelting Furnace
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