Dharma Nature's Smelting Furnace

Classical Museum-Like Structure


         The headquarters of Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute is situated at the city centre of a medium size city.

         The building itself is one of the most famous classical cultural protected treasures of the city.  Therefore, outwardly, the building simply appears as a typical Victorian museum-like structure.  This building is located at Hobart city centre's Collins Street, and at the central section of Collins Street.  As this solemn, majestic, beautiful but unsophisticated structure has been protected and kept intact by the National Heritage Trust, it is still glittering the unfading radiance of the art of classical construction from a century ago.

         Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute was established after Jin-Gang-Dhyana practitioners did some simple and unadorned preparation of the interior of the building.  Since then, Jin-Gang-Dhyana Incorporated has occasionally utilized the site for speeches, meditative training, dynamic dhyana teaching and scientific experiments.  From time to time, the building has also been used as the venue for Jin-Gang-Dhyana Esoterically-Esoteric rituals for uniting with all Buddha of multiple heavens, such rituals are unique to Chinese Tantra Buddhism.  These activities have rendered the building to permeate a solemn and rich religious atmosphere.  However, unless otherwise intending to make a purposed visit, pedestrians passing by would not possibly be able to appreciate the scene of Chinese Tantra Buddhism, Esoterically-Esoteric Jin-Gang-Dhyana which bears special oriental civilization characteristics.

         In a predominately Christian country, although the government promotes multi-culturalism and accommodates the co-existence of diverse religions, it is necessary for Jin-Gang-Dhyana to adopt a traditional, unpretentious, and humble presence.  Jin-Gang-Dhyana's friendly and peaceful approach has been widely appreciated.

         Just like all properties of Jin-Gang-Dhyana Incorporated across the world, this building is one of the results of Holy Zhi Ji Vimalakirti Ahdharma Buddha Patriarch Master WANG Xin De's unselfishly and selflessly donating every penny of his students' offerings to Jin-Gang-Dhyana Incorporated and Jin-Gang-Dhyana WANG Xin De Foundation.  Thereby offerings are made to Ahdharma Buddha, all Buddha of multiple heavens, worldwide Jing-gang followers and innumerable sentient beings.

Dharma Nature's Smelting Furnace
Seclusion Hall of Chinese Tantra Jin-Gang-Dhyana: Dharma Nature's Smelting Furnace