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The Unfinished "Foreword"

        The universe is vast with unfathomable mysteries.   We are former victims of various fatal illnesses, and have all started practising Jin-Gang-Dhyana in order to cure our sickness.

        As a result, we have not only cured illnesses which had been deemed "incurable" by western doctors, but through such "sickness opportunities", we have also realized the nature of the universe and the meaning of life.   We have become acquainted with the teachings of Jin-Gang-Dhyana.   Currently, Jin-Gang-Dhyana practitioners span over a hundred countries; the International Jin-Gang-Dhyana Association and its subsidiaries are registered in various countries and regions.

        Jin-Gang-Dhyana followers, through the Chinese Esoteric Buddhist tradition of esoteric group, esoteric village, and esoteric home, are practising in an orderly, systematic, and effective manner.   We wish that our common, yet unusual experiences, with help from the worldwide computer net, can reach all sentient beings with the right karmic link who may benefit from Jin-Gang-Dhyana.

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