Welcome To The World of Jin-Gang-Dhyana

Pointing Towards the Path of Eternal Life

        Jin-Gang-Dhyana's robust growth within a very short thirty years period proves the vibrancy of its teachings.   Jin-Gang-Dhyana points towards a path of eternal life which can be experienced and practised by everybody.

        The practice of Jin-Gang-Dhyana can strengthen your self-defence, invigorate your health, lengthen your life, and stimulate your mind.   It can even cure your incurable sickness or cancer and restore health back to your life.   The practice of Great Dharani and the Great Zongchi Methods, in cleansing you and increasing your dharmic power, will assist your life in the secular world in countless ways.

        Jin-Gang-Dhyana also has its own spiritual world.   Speaking from the standpoint of Chinese Esoteric Buddhism, Jin-Gang-Dhyana has cogent explanation and proving methods to many great problems facing humanity of the universe, such as

  • extra-terrestrial life-forms;
  • unidentified flying objects (UFO);
  • the secret of consciousness;
  • the mystery of life;
  • the eternal life;
  • the continuous cycle of life and death (samsara);
  • previous, current, and future lives;
  • transcending life and death, as well as nirvana;
  • the management of the Great Perfection of the force of the universe; and
  • the control of lives in the universe.

        However, these are merely the by-products in the process of seeking true eternal life in the universe.

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