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Esoteric Teachings of Esoteric Buddhism
        Speaking of esoteric teachings of Esoteric Buddhism, in surveying esotericism, the concept of esoteric knowledge runs through all religions around the world.

        The religious culture of the world's nations spans a wide spectrum.   Most of the religions which have deeper doctrines also have esoteric teachings for the elite inner circle.   Many of these teachings are worthy to be studied as scholarly subjects.

        The teachings of Jin-Gang-Dhyana originate from Buddhism.   It stands unique among other esoteric doctrines in the world with its flawlessly integrated systems of a Classification of the Twelve Buddhist Vehicles and the Thirteen Levels of Consciousness.

        Historically, when Buddhist esoteric teachings, ancient India's Brahman esoteric teachings, as well as other religions' esoteric teachings entered China, it was natural for them to be surrounded by traditional Chinese cultural thinking.   It was historically natural for them to be influenced and modified by the esoteric teaching of various Chinese traditions.

        In the long history of Chinese culture, various esoteric teachings challenged, influenced, and nurtured each other.   The unique doctrine and organizational nature of Chinese Esoteric Buddhism developed from such a complex background.

        The special characteristics of Chinese society, the complexity of Chinese history, and the longevity of Chinese culture, all contributed to the perseverance and vibrancy of Chinese Esoteric Buddhism.

        The teachings of Jin-Gang-Dhyana is taught by the current Patriarch of Jin-Gang-Dhyana, Master WANG Xin-De.

        For the benefit of helping different disciples, teaching according to the capacities, assisting according to their circumstances, and hence saving countless beings, Master WANG Xin-De has grouped the eighty-four thousand methods of Chinese Esoteric Buddhism into the Great Dharani (action dhyana) Methods and the Great Zongchi (tranquil dhyana) Methods.

        The doctrine of Esoteric Buddhism is the doctrine that reveals the mysteries of the universe.   They are teachings of the supreme dharma nature of Ahdharma Buddha; they are beyond words and beyond comprehension.

        It is not easy to expound on such knowledge.   The descriptions, terminologies, and forms are merely tools for the convenience in liberating sentient beings.   Therefore, the public spreading of esoteric teachings are for the benefits of sentient beings.   The Great Dharani Methods are commonly known as Jin-Gang-Dhyana martial arts.   Whereas the Great Zongchi Methods are commonly known as Jin-Gang-Dhyana meditation.

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