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        The World of Jin-Gang-Dhyana is a forum for the countless researchers, practitioners, and supporters of the teachings of Jin-Gang-Dhyana.

        As the current Patriarch of Jin-Gang-Dhyana, Master WANG Xin-De travels across the globe, the teachings of Chinese Esoteric Buddhist Jin-Gang-Dhyana have spread and grown with the support and devotion from numerous beneficiaries.   With the establishment of the International Jin-Gang-Dhyana Association, Jin-Gang-Dhyana WANG Xin-De Foundation, and various international subsidiaries, the world-wide influence of Jin-Gang-Dhyana Esoteric Buddhism has been growing rapidly.

        Many learned supporters have paid attention to and embraced the teachings of Jin-Gang-Dhyana.   To thank these fans and supporters, and to spread Jin-Gang-Dhyana to a wider audience, the International Jin-Gang-Dhyana Association has decided to publish The World of Jin-Gang-Dhyana on the Internet, in addition to our existing publications of Ahdharma, Vajrasattva, Mandala, Jin-Gang-Dhyana, and Tasmanian Buddhism.

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