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New Year's Greeting Card from

Ahdharma Master


         Chinese Esoteric Buddhism esoterically-esoteric root teacher, Jin-Gang-Dhyana Patriarch, Master WANG Xin-De, together with Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute, the International Jin-Gang-Dhyana Association and Jin-Gang-Dhyana WANG Xin-De Foundation, is sending His new year's greeting card through The World of Jin-Gang-Dhyana on the Internet.

         This card is addressed to the world's Jin-gang disciples, followers, attendants, students, "children", patients seeking treatment, virtuous elders, knowledgeable intellectuals, brothers and sisters and all readers and friends with karmic connections.  This arrangement replaces that of mailing cards to individuals.

         This arrangement of transmitting new year's greeting card to all "Comrades on the Path" via The World of Jin-Gang-Dhyana carries a significant far-ranging and profound consideration by Master WANG Xin-De, patriarch of Jin-Gang-Dhyana, root teacher of esoterically-esoteric sect of Chinese Esoteric Buddhism.

         It is wished that more people will benefit from the Essence of Buddhist truth and share the joy of Dharma bliss.  We wish you all auspicious and harmoniously fulfilled.

Editorial Department,
The World of Jin-Gang-Dhyana

New Year's Greeting Cards from Ahdharma Master

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