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1999 Parliament of the World's Religions

Jin-Gang-Dhyana Incorporated (World Headquarters at Australia) has received a formal invitation from the Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions.

@ @ The Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions is organizing to open the 1999 Parliament of the World's Religions at Cape Town, South Africa from 1st December, 1999.

Jin-Gang-Dhyana Incorporated is going to present a speech during the Parliament sessions.  The gist of the speech would adhere to Master Wang's all along related instructions as follows:-

  • To appeal to end religious wars;

  • To appeal to unify the world's religions;

  • To attain unity within the same religion; various sects within the same religion should mutually respect, tolerate, make allowances for and support each other.

  • We advocate the following:-

    1. Religious leaders should possess the necessary kindness to accept the general world trend of multicultural co-existence;

    2. Traditional religions and reformed religions should mutually respect each other;

    3. Religions skilful in superficial rituals and religions concentrating on solid practice and true realization should mutually respect each other;

    4. Unitary religions and multi-mixed religions should mutually tolerate each other;

    5. Different religions of different nationality, race, language, colour and culture should mutually make allowances for each other; and

    6. All human beings, extending to all religions of mankind, should mutually support each other.

  • Seek peace, not war;  all human beings should be harmonious and happy.

A Call to Our Guiding Institutions