(Released from "To be Published" Section)
Transcending Ascension Dharma Meeting


Holy Zhi-Ji Vimalakirti Ahdharma Buddha
Patriarch Master WANG Xin-De's Speech
at the Transcending Ascension Dharma Meeting
for Peace in India, Afghanistan, and the World

March 7, 2001 at
Sheng Mi Tian Vajrasattva Hua Xian Ci En Gong
(Holy Esoteric Heaven Vajrasattva
Hua Xian Benevolence Kindness Temple)
in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Dear guests of honour,
Dear fellow Buddhists on the same path, and
Dear Vajra brothers and sisters of Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhism,

        Today, in response to the Indian Cultural Society's request, we are conducting a Transcending Ascension Dharma Meeting for all the fatalities of the Indian earthquake, and also for all unfortunate or natural deaths of sentient beings around the world.

        At this southern tip of the Earth, Australia's Hobart in Tasmania, the fact that we are able to convene this spiritual meeting, we need to, first of all, thank the Australian government's successful implementation of the multicultural policy.  We also need to show our appreciation to the enthusiastic and friendly Tasmanians.

        Through this Transcending Ascension Dharma Meeting, in the name of Dharma nature and Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhism, we supplicate to Ahdharma Buddha, Samantabhadra Tathagata, Vairocana Buddha, Vajradhara Buddha, Amitabha Buddha, Maitreya Buddha, Manjushri Buddha, Samantabhadra Buddha, Avalokitesvara Buddha, Ksitigarbha Buddha, Medicine Buddha, and all Buddhas of all heavens, our patron Buddha - the Great Sage Lord Sakyamuni Buddha, and also all generations of ancestral masters, for quietude to the Indian society and peace to the world.

        According to the doctrine of Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhism, the emphasis of the work in Buddhist Dharma dissemination is the saving and deliverance of sentient beings.

        According to Vairocana Sutra's instructions, today, all vajradharas of all heavens and time-space dimensions of Jin Gang Fa Jie Gong (Vajra Dharma Realm) are present.  Bhagavan personally performs the grand deed of saving and deliverance of various kinds of sentient beings of the Universe.  Ahdharma Buddha's Dharma nature accompanies today's participants, wishing peace to the World and quietude to all sentient beings.

        Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhism teaches followers to undertake Holy Tantra Esoteric practice, which nourishes life, improves wisdom, elevates moral integrity and sublimates the spirit; thus enabling the whole human race to have happiness and peace, inner minds purified, troubles relieved and sufferings eliminated.

        According to the teaching of Vairocana Sutra, which guides sentient beings to practise to be a "zhu xin" being. To be a "zhu xin" being means to wish all sentient beings to have the mind purified and be of noble character (please refer to the first chapter of Vairocana Sutra).  Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhism is concerned for the quality of human lives.

        The "saving and deliverance of sentient beings" is the sacred mission of Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhism.

        Transcending ascension Dharma meetings of Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhism effect transcending ascension of spirits of the deceased.  It is an essential component of Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhist Dharma employed by Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhism in utilizing mantras to manoeuvre operations of the Universe.

        It is Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhism's utmost loving care and concern towards lives of all mankind and all sentient beings.

        Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhism utilizes sacred Holy Tantra Esoteric transcending ascension Dharma meetings to enable all natural and unfortunate deaths to gain greater freedom, well-being and happiness in the time-space dimensions of the Universe.  It is also wished that they will soon be reborn in this world again.

        Transcending ascension Dharma meetings functions to allow the spirits of those deceased to learn and practise Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhist Dharma in the cosmic dimensions, enabling them to practise to realize Buddhahood in the Universe.  We look forward to the return of these purified new lives to the human world as Buddhist practitioners, to save and deliver countless sentient beings.

        Therefore, today's Dharma meeting carries an active meaning in respect of the growth of life, the cyclic existence of life, the transcending ascension of life and the eternity of life. It carries an extremely practical implication towards the whole mankind's propagation and exuberance.

        We have all along been conducting our daily benevolent and compassionate transcending ascension rituals from the early morning of each day, to effect transcending ascension of the whole world's and manhind's sentient beings who should be transcendingly ascended.  Nevertheless today, we especially pray to wish quietude to our Indian brothers and sisters.  We wish to especially allow the souls of those fatalities in India, including those perished in the earthquake of the United States, and those deceased around the world, to rest in peace.

        Through this transcending ascension Dharma meeting, we wish prosperity and exuberance to the Indian society, and we wish peace to the world.

        We are deeply shocked to learn that, in the recent month, in Afghanistan, there have been savage acts of demolishing the tallest stone Buddha statue and unwise manoeuvres to destroy precious Buddhist historical relics.  These violent acts and unwise manoeuvres are the most shameful sins of the whole human race.  We condemn such sins.  We very much hope that the news are not true, we extremely wish peace to emerge in Afghanistan to cease the evil act of demolishing Buddha statues.

        According to the doctrine of Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhism, we also supplicate to the Buddhas in heaven above to pardon the sins of these offenders, hoping that they can abandon the wicked, do good and stop all their evils.

        Our ritual will start very soon.  My talk has come to an end.

        Thank you everyone.