Tasmanian Buddhism

Holy Tantra
Esoteric Buddhism

Dharma Meeting celebrating Buddha's Birthday
making Tasmania more peaceful and delightful

Date and time:  7th May, 2000, Sunday, 3.00 - 5.00 pm
                                        (admittance from 2:30 pm)

Cordial Invitation to:  All Tasmanian and Australian Buddhists, all Buddhist Sects
                                    and anybody who is interested in Buddhism


1.  Holy Tantra's Zhi Ji Vimalakirti Patriarch Master WANG Xin-De's revelation;

2.  Buddhist doctrinal songs and vajra dance;

3.  Honoured Guests' addresses;

4.  Bathing the Buddha: all participants will be invited to bathe the Buddha, thus generating joy for themselves;

5.  Candle lighting: all participants will be invited to light a candle, to illuminate their inner mind and enhance wisdom;

6.  Birthday cake: to celebrate Buddha's birthday as we celebrate our birthday.  According to Mahayana Buddhism, there is a Buddha in everybody.  Celebrating Buddha's birthday is like celebrating our own birthday.

Venue: Jin-Gang-Dhyana Temple at rear block, ground floor, 77 Collins Street, Hobart.

Admission: Free, by:-
1. production of invitation letter; or
2. tickets obtained from Dental Office, G/F, 77 Collins Street, Hobart, or Phone: (03) 62346088 during office hours, prior to the meeting; or
3. registering at the entrance immediately before entry.
As space is limited, please make early reservation to ensure admittance.

Organized by: Jin-Gang-Dhyana Incorporated and Jin-Gang-Dhyana WANG Xin-De Foundation Incorporated jointly with Holy Tantra Esoteric Buddhism, Tasmanian Buddhism, and Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute.