Dharma Nature's Smelting Furnace

Enrolment Normally Requires Passing Three Hundred Questions of Examination


         Jin-Gang practitioners of Chinese Tantra, Esoterically Esoteric Buddhism from around the world with the right karmic opportunity can enter the Institute after assessment.  Those achieving outstandingly in Buddhist studies can be enrolled.

         Generally Buddhist followers need to pass an examination of three hundred questions.  These examination questions are selected according to the circumstances from an extensive five thousand questions encompassing the broad scope of Buddhist Dharma, Buddhism, Buddhist studies, Buddhist doctrine and Buddhist history etc.  The emphasis of examination questions is placed on Tantra Buddhism, esotericism and the stating of experience in actual practice.

         The assessment is taken on the double-track basis of theory and meditation practice in action.  Meditation practice in action means trial attendance.  Those who have been assessed to be basically qualified, with a clear purpose of learning and firm path mind, are allowed to attend on a trial basis.  The period after which trial attendees can convert to proper students varies from three months to three years.  Those with outstanding practice results, after assessment by the educational committee and on the approval of Patriarch Master WANG, are allowed to learn Esoterically Esoteric Dharma here, to put into practice the Dharma approach of uniting with Ahdharma Buddha.

         Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute appears to differ considerably from other Buddhist universities of the world.  The most prominent is that Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute entirely applies the classical academic system Chinese Tantra Esoterically Esoteric Buddhism's doctrinal principles and Jin-Gang-Dhyana meditation practice as the substance of teaching.  The purpose is clearly indicated at the outset that it is the practice and study of Esoterically Esoteric the three ultimate formless most distinctive perfect grand yoga and learning of eternal life and exploration of the thirteen levels of consciousness.

         Therefore, the so called "Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute" is merely a "general term" for the common people.  The actual Jin-Gang-Dhyana meditation practice is carried out in all seclusion sites.  From the actual situation of worldwide development of Chinese Tantra Buddhism, Esoterically Esoteric Jin-Gang-Dhyana Dharma, there are Jin-Gang practitioners present in innumerable esoteric groups, esoteric villages and esoteric households spread all over the world.  They unite with Dharma nature during their meditation practice according to the Dharma.  Therefore, esoteric groups, esoteric villages and esoteric households can all be called the "branch schools" of Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute.

         The Headquarters of Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute and branch schools all over the world in various countries, are no different and are identical in terms of Dharma nature.  Worldwide students apply to enroll in the Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute Headquarters, seriously answer the three hundred questions, would not only enable themselves to understand clearly the theories and rid of hindrances among theories and practices, they would also be able to stride ahead on the road to attaining Buddhahood.  They are also expected to gain immediate realization and attainment in the ultimate destination aspect of supreme li xi (detach from theatrical plays) yoga, and pursuit of eternal life.

         Therefore, worldwide Jin-Gang brothers and sisters eagerly sit for the examination and earnestly answer the questions.  They strive for the main wish of coming to the Headquarters of Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute in Australia, hoping to be able to personally meet the Patriarch Master and hear the Dharma voice of the Most Venerable Patriarch Master in person.

         Under the doctrinal principles and meditation practice Dharma approaches taught by the root guru of Chinese Tantra Esoterically Esoteric Buddhism, Jin-Gang-Dhyana Patriarch Master WANG Xin-De, students directly communicate with Ahdharma Buddha Dharma nature.  Therefore, it is the ardent wish of practitioners of worldwide branch schools to come to pursue further education and training at the Headquarters of Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute in Australia.

Dharma Nature's Smelting Furnace
To Be Established As A Multi-Functional Jin-Gang-Dhyana Worldwide Centre