Chinese Han Transmission Esotericism Academy
Holy Inauguration

Chinese Han Transmission Esotericism Academy
Holy Inauguration
28th July 2009


Speech by Honourable Alderman Eva Ruzicka
Acting Lord Mayor of Hobart

Honourable Alderman Eva Ruzicka
Acting Lord Mayor of Hobart At the Holy Opening Ceremony of the
Chinese Han Transmission Esotericism Academy
28th July, 2009
At the Asraya Palace of Jin-Gang-Dhyana Institute

Thank you.

Bhagavan Zhi Ji Vimalakirti Patriarch Master Wang,
Distinguished guests and

Thank you for your kind invitation to attend here today to officiate, with so many people, in the opening ceremony of your WBSY 5th General Conference and of the opening of the Chinese Han Transmission Esotericism Academy.

Acknowledge have always withstand, and we are meeting on the land of [Mouheeneener] people, part of the tribes of the [Pallawa] of Tasmania, and pay respects to their continuing in culture and continuing spiritual links to this land. I always say this is Aboriginal land and always will be.

Today is a very auspicious day of celebration as the Chinese Han Transmission Esotericism Academy is formally made public. This academy will be sharing to all mankind its spiritual rare treasures, its mental life resources, its spiritual values; together with a mental, spiritual and harmonious culture to promote world peace.

The Chinese Han Transmission Esotericism Academy is also a research institute which performs early stage work for the establishment of Jin-Gang-Dhyana University . So today is, if I may say so Patriarch Master Wang, a very auspicious day, and doubly so, to hear from Patriarch Master more steps towards the establishment of the Tantrayana Buddhist University, a religious cultural university based on the Tantrayana philosophy, and it has always and will complement the teachings of Hinayana, Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist philosophies at their many respective universities around the world.

The establishment of the university is going to advance the thinking, the mental, the spiritual cultures of mankind, and its establishment represents striving for both immediate and long term establishment of a global ethics for world peace, and attaining harmony for all mankind, with the further achievement of a very peaceful mutual progress and mutual coexistence.

We have multiculturalism in Australia and it is a very strange concept and very contested at times, but it is through the efforts of academies and universities promoting these notions of mutual coexistence, the ideas such as multiculturalism will move forward and continue to be a part of Australia.

The occasion of announcing the university is also a means of paying honoured respect to the memory of the late Premier, Jim Bacon, who understood, gave considerable encouragement to this endeavour of creating a religious university, and displayed some of the values of both this academy and university will strive to teach - that of insight, far vision, and accommodation of difference in approach that these new cultures will bring to Tasmania.

This university will encourage all mankind to clearly recognize that if there is no transcendence in an international global ethics, there will be no human communal living.

If there is no transcendence dialogue among religions, there will be no transcendence among religions.

And if there is no peace, it will be no peace between our countries.

And it is through religious transcendence, through peaceful dialogue, we have a foundation for religious harmony, and the starting point of constructing global transcendence ethics.

Establishing a basic consensus and standard of shared philosophical ethics for the formation of human life, it is going to contribute to the spiritual very high level capable of carrying human centred consciousness and life consciousness into a new era. The forming of this consensus and through the study of contemporary religious transcendence practice is the aim of the Academy University and this is something I am very pleased to know about and I thoroughly encourage and support.

We are so lucky in Hobart, we live in a very beautiful, peaceful and quiet place and that allows people to contemplate and think carefully of their role in the world and of the world around them. And it is establishing very peaceful, tranquil religious Buddhist University in Tasmania eventually. May I extend my warmest congratulations on behalf of the City of Hobart, the Lord Mayor who could not be with us today, the aldermen, and hope the sincere aims of both the Academy and University are achieved. Your success is Tasmania 's success, is Australia 's success and is the world's. It is not owned, it is shared.

Following today's inauguration of your Academy, I understand also there will be an opening ceremony for your East Asia Religious Cultural Academic Symposium. The theme will be "The changes and current situation of religious culture in East Asia ".

And I would like to recognise that it is convened by the Australian branch of the Association for study religious culturally in East Asia, and this Association is organized.

So therefore on behalf of the city of Hobart, may I also welcome Professor Lou Yu Lie, Tutor of Doctorate students, a notable scholar Professor Jin Xun and Dr. Li Yi, all from Peking University. You are most welcomed to our city, we hope your stay here will be very enjoyable. Perhaps the weather is not as warm, but our hearts are warm.

May I also welcome all the scholars from around the world today to Tasmania and to what we call our little 'pocket capital'. It's not a very big city, but you can find just about everything in it that you need, and if the city is too small or too noisy for you, we have many beautiful bush land spaces on the edges which you can enjoy.

We hope your stay here is one that you will always remember.

Thank you!


Chinese Han Transmission Esotericism Academy
Holy Inauguration
28th July 2009
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