Bhagavan Zhi Ji Vimalakirti Patriarch Master's Revelations

Theme Speech at the Dharma Meeting celebrating
Chinese Lunar New Year and Birthday of Maitreya Buddha

How Should Buddhism Enter Modern Society

5th February, 2000 -
Chinese New Year Day of the Year of Dragon


Coexistence and Mutual Help


         We can confirm this truth. Only ideas based on compassion and wisdom can be the proper path for humanity's happiness, prosperity, peace, and liberation.  It is the guiding light for human civilization in the new century towards truth.

         History evidently shows that Buddhism, after its birth in ancient lndia, has been expanding to the entire world, and to Australia.

         The radiant ideal of Mahayana Buddhism is the eternal lamp for inspiring wisdom and destroying ignorance.  It transforms conflicts, hatred, and antagonism into harmony, compassion, and cooperation.  It is the cosmic law of human coexistence and mutual help.

         In over two thousand years, Buddhism has developed into a worldwide religion.  The various schools of Exoteric and Esoteric Buddhism, with their structured thinkings, specialized practices, and systematic theories, have added depths to and broadened the philosophical systems of mankind.

         We are looking forward to sharing the Buddhist notions of benevolence and compassion, peace, and wisdom to everyone in the world who is interested or who wishes to study Buddhism.

How Should Buddhism Enter Modern Society
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