Bhagavan Zhi Ji Vimalakirti Patriarch Master's Revelations

Theme Speech at the Dharma Meeting celebrating
Chinese Lunar New Year and Birthday of Maitreya Buddha

How Should Buddhism Enter Modern Society

5th February, 2000 -
Chinese New Year Day of the Year of Dragon


Belief System


         Therefore, every Buddhist should identify his own belief system with those structured and shaped contents.

         Roughly speaking, we can explore the following five areas:-

         1. Faith in the teachings of Buddha, such as the Four Noble Truths, Eight Noble Paths, Twelve Nidanas (twelve links), Six Paramitas (six perfections), Theory of Cause and Effect, permanence of life, and transmigration rebirth, as true without illusion.

         2. Belief in the three jewels of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha as true immaculate merits.

         3. Faith that we are complete with the three jewels. Belief that all sentient beings are complete with the Buddha nature, and that zealous progress and real practice of Dharma will attain all merits of the three jewels within ourselves.

         4. Belief in the supreme "one seal of reality" of the twelve vehicles of Buddhism.  All Dharma are equal and each is adopted for different circumstances.  The eighty-four thousand exoteric and esoteric Dharma methods are in perfect harmony.  As long as it is appropriate to the circumstances, every real practising method is a good method.

         5. Faith in the objective existence of the Dharmakaya Buddha.  Belief that the Buddha nature can apply the great practical application of "nature, form, system and application".  As long as the practitioner's individual merges with the reality of dharma nature (harmonic union of body and universe), then it is feasible for one to attain with the current body, achieve nirvana in the current life, and verify the eternal cosmos with the transient finite physical life.

         In such way, everyone can practise and realize Buddhahood.  Everyone is filled with compassion, love, and cosmic wisdom.  As the quality of man's life and spirit are elevated, peace on earth can become reality.

How Should Buddhism Enter Modern Society
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