Bhagavan Zhi Ji Vimalakirti Patriarch Master's Revelations

Theme Speech at the Dharma Meeting celebrating
Chinese Lunar New Year and Birthday of Maitreya Buddha

How Should Buddhism Enter Modern Society

5th February, 2000 -
Chinese New Year Day of the Year of Dragon


Religion of Life


Dear guests,
         Jin-Gang brothers and sisters,
         elder gurus, and
dear friends!

         It is a great honour to celebrate Chinese New Year and Maitreya's birthday with all of you today, here in the southern hemisphere so far away from China.  It is also a great honour for Tasmanian Buddhism to have received such support from every guest and honoured guest here today.

         Buddhism is a religion of life.

         The basic teaching of Buddhism is the teaching of knowledge of life, it is a philosophy elucidating everything about life.

         In Buddhism, the understanding of the relationships between all phenomena in the cosmos is based upon the concept of "conditional arising"(occurrence due to conditions); and the understanding of the true substance of the cosmos is the "Buddha nature".  Under the guidance-in-practice of "form, system and application", it happens that the "Buddha nature" generates the great application of "sunyata".

How Should Buddhism Enter Modern Society
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